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Don't hire a tutor. Hire a teacher!

All of our tutors are talented, experienced teachers who have worked in the educational field for five years or more! Tutors are great, but wouldn't you rather have a trained teacher doing the teaching? That's why we're here! Let us connect you with a talented Teacher Tutor today!

We currently offer Zoom classes! Reach out for more information!


The Teacher Tutors reading courses are all led by experienced teachers who have virtual and in-classroom experience! We LOVE our teachers! The Bootcamp Courses are taught virtually in a group setting with up to five other children. These peer environments create an atmosphere of fun and competition that helps to motivate and inspire our students. Our mission is to provide a quality tutoring environment for your child, led by motivated and loving teachers.

Discover the perfect balance of convenience and affordability with our three-month Bootcamp Courses! Choose between 30-minute sessions twice a week or 60-minute sessions once a week, priced between $15 and $30 per class. Start your journey to success today!


(We offer one-on-one classes upon request starting at $60 per hour.)

Reading Bootcamp

Reading Bootcamp


Learn How to Read

Join our Learning Letters and Blending Bootcamp tailored for early readers. Led by expert, experienced teachers, this virtual course introduces all 26 letters and their sounds, igniting a passion for literacy from day one. Get ready to blend sounds and dive into the world of reading by day 2! 

Online Class
Online Education

Learning Phonics Bootcamp

Learn Two-Vowel Words and Irregular Vowels


Dive into the fundamentals of phonics with our Learning Phonics Bootcamp. Guided by experienced educators, students will master phonetic principles, enhancing their decoding skills and fluency. Join us on a journey to unlock the secrets of reading success!

Practicing Phonics-Focused Reading Bootcamp

Apply Past Concepts in a Short Novel

Elevate your student's reading skills with our Practicing Phonics-Focused Reading Bootcamp. Through targeted practice, students refine their phonics knowledge and comprehension strategies, fostering confidence and a love for reading while reading a short novel.

Online Class
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Reading Fluency and Comprehension Bootcamp

Improve Reading Fluency

2nd and 3rd Graders

Strengthen reading abilities with our Reading Fluency and Comprehension Bootcamp for 2nd and 3rd graders. Through engaging activities, students enhance fluency and comprehension skills, preparing them for academic success.

4th through 6th Graders

Hone reading proficiency with our Reading Fluency and Comprehension Bootcamp designed for 4th through 6th graders. Led by skilled instructors, students deepen comprehension and fluency through interactive exercises and discussions.

Book Club Bootcamp

For Kids Who Already Love Reading

Reading Club (2nd-3rd)

Immerse yourself in captivating stories with our Reading Club for 2nd and 3rd graders. Led by passionate educators, students explore diverse literature and develop critical thinking skills in a supportive environment.

Reading Club (4th-6th)

Join our Reading Club for 4th through 6th graders and embark on literary adventures. Engage in thought-provoking discussions and analysis of literature, fostering a deeper appreciation for reading and comprehension.

Reading a Book

Spelling Bootcamp

Spelling Bootcamp


Spelling Bootcamp K-2nd

Build spelling skills from the ground up with our Spelling Bootcamp for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Led by experienced tutors, students develop foundational spelling techniques, setting the stage for confident writing.


Spelling Bootcamp 3rd-4th

Strengthen spelling proficiency with our Spelling Bootcamp tailored for 3rd and 4th graders. Through interactive activities, students master spelling rules and strategies, enhancing their written communication skills.


Spelling Bootcamp 5th-6th

Master advanced spelling concepts with our Spelling Bootcamp for 5th and 6th graders. Guided by skilled instructors, students refine spelling skills and expand their vocabulary, becoming adept communicators.

Language Bootcamp


Learn Spanish!


Practice English!

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Language Bootcamp
Math Bootcamp

Math Bootcamp

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