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English, B.S.

Psychology, B.S.

Communication Disorders and Deaf Education, B.S.

Speech Language Pathology, M.S.

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Introducing Rochelle, the visionary founder of The Teacher Tutors. With over a decade of experience in education and holding degrees in English, Psychology, Communication Disorders and Deaf Education, and a master's in Speech-Language Pathology, Rochelle's journey to founding this pioneering platform was fueled by her passion for ensuring every student receives high-quality tutoring. Witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of trained teachers compared to unqualified tutors, Rochelle embarked on a mission to connect students with skilled educators. Her dedication to providing personalized, effective tutoring services stems from a deep understanding of the profound difference experienced teachers can make in children's lives. 

"Out of all the things I've done, inspiring so many of my Kindergarteners to read Harry Potter is probably one of my greatest sources of pride." - Rochelle Slusher, SLP-CFY

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